“Friends are family that we choose to have”

Quite recently, I saw this quote on an Instagram post that got me thinking…


For the longest time I draw energy from being around my peers.

My closest friends share my highest and lowest point in life (whether they like it or not)

However, as we grew up,  things began to change.

WE start to have our having priorities.

Work, School, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Money, (blah blah blah)

I have become that friend

Quite recently, I have been drawing myself away from my friends, in an attempt to have more alone time. 

Lazy; I am now too lazy to pick up my phone to call/text people ask them when they are free schedule myself such that our timings match. TOO MUCH WORK. I would much rather be in my couch and be on a movie marathon.


I miss them. I really do. But the lack of motivation to take the first step. (Haishhhhh)


I apologise to all my beloved friends whom I have been avoiding because I am too busy (oops)


I truly need a break from people. There is too much on my plate.


“True friendship is not defined by the the amount of time spent together but knowing that they will still be there for you whenever you need them.”


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