Hey there!

How are you enjoying your Sunday so far?

Mine has been fairly relaxing – Was able to wake up naturally without having to jump out of my bed at the sound of the alarm. ( The sound of the alarm is probably my 2nd least favourite sound, only behind that of a screeching sound zzzzzz)

Filled my tummy up with delicious breakfast and went off to have my 2nd round of snoozing.(The day can’t get any better than this!!!!)

You must be judging me now HUH!

HAHA you must be thinking that I am some lazy human being who just sits around and wait for time to pass!!!! If that is what you think I’m sorry to break the bubble for you!

I can finally find time to pay off my sleep debt! This has been a much needed rest amidst the hectic schedule I’ve had all week; the break today is what i really needed, A BREATHER…

As i am typing this, i am thinking about the amount of crazy things (GS!!!!kfdsjnbflhsbfhksbdfgkhfbjghbdsjhbhfgbhdbf)  that is going to kickstart the coming week and I am dreading it alr!!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!

I would much rather be on a beach enjoying some ice cold beverage while feeling the breeze on my face OR sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of hot latte as my friends and I talk about life and everything else under the Sun.



I have only come to appreciate simple things in life, something as simple as having a warm shower or being in the company of my family, after going through the rough experience of hardship and struggle.

Why was I so ungrateful, I don’t know

At least I am THANKFUL for what I have now.




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