“You would never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”


They say with every step you take, you are one step closer to the end goal.

But that was definitely not what it felt like.

Every step felt like torture, my feet was in pain, sweat covered my face, my lungs burning, my shoulder felt like it was going to give up on me.

I tried to take my head off of all these. I told myself they were distractions.

Roadblocks attempting to prevent you from reaching what’s important.


//What kept me going//

I had something to prove.

A message to send, a statement to make.

I needed people to know that I CAN and I WILL complete what I have started.

The self doubt along the way was excruciating. It was what made things worse. Physical pain was nothing compared to the mental torment I had to go through.


//I did it//

I accomplished what people could not imagine.

I can’t say that people have belittled me.

The image that I have created for myself thus far has been so, it is not hard for people to think that I’m weak.



Was i really doing it to prove to others

Or was i trying to teach myself a lesson

Was the opinion of others really that important after all?

Or was it finally time i showed myself that I am capable of more


//From here on now//

Would this be a one off chapter of my story

or the turning point that I’ve been waiting to happen


We shall see…


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